Sneak into an abandoned theme park to play a mysterious escape room that was never unveiled to the public! Others have tried, and never returned... can you make it out?

This is a short adventure for Seattle Indies Slow Jam 2022. Enjoy solving puzzles to move through multiple traditionally drawn rooms with colorful, voice-acted mascot characters.

Created for the Seattle Indies Slow Jam 2022

Known Issues:

  • Opening video sometimes has issues playing in Firefox
  • Volume resets between levels
  • If you have issues with the resolution, try zooming your browser tab


Ben Gear ( - Music and Sound Design
Ghost Clown ( - Art, Design, Programming, Writing
Rival Character ( Puzzle Design
Sanshou Pepper - UI/UX/Testing
Stephen Roe ( Production, Voice Acting, Writing
TJ - Programming

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsGhost Clown, Rival Character
Tags2D, Creepy, Funny, Indie, Point & Click, Short, Singleplayer, Unity, Voice Acting

Development log


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The art and sound are top-notch. It all added to a slightly creepy vibe without feeling like full horror.

I do feel like some of the puzzles took a bit too long to find hints for. The alchemy cauldron smoke and clouds got kind of confusing. 

Great art and audio. The puzzles were a good head-scratcher. I do feel like some of the hints could stand out more.

This was great! I couldn't find the first VHS so I just brute forced that puzzle but the rest went much smoother. Played on mobile the buttons were a little off, I wish there was a way to full screen on desktop. Loved the art & the VO, big defunctland vibes that came together for a fun challenge (:

First off, love the trailer! And it only got better from there. Great writing and a lot of fun to solve!

The art, music, and voice acting create a very cohesively eerie experience! I loved how the puzzles contributed to the creepy vibe.

One quick note, the sound resets when you go to a new area.

Thanks for the heads up!

This was a joy to play!!! Love the voice acting and the puzzles. I got stuck on one for a bit but found a tool on google to help,,, then when I saw the answer I realized there were other hints for it (super cool!!!!) I was like : "OHHHHH" haha 

super atmospheric - I loveeeed the art. I also loved the hint tapes a whole lot- the dialog fit the tone perfectly. Really excellent job everyone! This was very cohesive and it was a great experience ! :) 

Really entertaining! My partner and I had a blast playing through all the puzzles. The voice acting is great, and the music adds a whole lot to the atmosphere of the game.